Driving School

Gear up for Safe Driving

Safe driving on today’s roads requires a higher level of confidence and competence than ever before. The reasons for it are manifold. Bad roads, poor traffic planning, untrained drivers and exponentially increasing number of vehicles, to name just a few. So, are you geared up for safe driving today?

Maruti Driving School (MDS) has been established with the goal to provide the best motor driving training in the country. The purpose is to impart not just better driving skills but also better awareness towards overall road safety.

Backed by India’s no.1 car manufacturer – Maruti Suzuki – MDS is dedicated to making indian roads safer by helping learners become smart and responsible motorists.

With advanced training methods, well-trained instructors and above all, state-of-the-art facilities. MDS provides immense opportunities to learn driving and develop confidence. For learners, MDS is definitely the right way to move towards a safer future.

Choose from an array of courses the one that suits you the best.

MDS Courses Theory Simulator Training Practicals
(on training vehicles)
Course Duration
Learner’s Course 20 hours
Advanced Courses 8 hours
Customized Corporate Courses


Some of the major topics covered in the training program include:

  • Driving skills
  • Traffic education
  • Emergency handling techniques
  • Tips on fuel efficiency
  • Basic maintenance of the vehicle
  • Attitudinal training

  • Well-trained instructors
  • World-class simulators for safe learning
  • Comfort of AC cars
  • Lady instructors for women
  • Comprehensive theory & practical sessions